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Greyscale & Deal Breakers

1 Jul

Last night’s Beats, Rhymes and Life was so much fun, and quite hilarious. We had our special guest Greyscale on to talk about upcoming projects, currently untitled, and his upcoming show on July 12th at Middle East upstairs. If you haven’t gotten familiar with his album “Beats I Like…” get hip! This is why we fell in love with Greyscale, and his live performance is not to be missed. We look forward to his upcoming projects!

In the Life section of our show we discussed Rosie’s theory that the size of a man’s hand is directly related to the size of a man’s pride & joy . What is a relationship deal breaker for Greyscale and the Queen Bee’s of BRL?? Tune in to the podcast and be prepare to laugh!

Tonight you can find us at “Scope Urban Apparel Turns 1” over in JP at Got Sole on Centre Street starting at 7 PM. We are so proud to celebrate a year of intelligent designs, hard work and integrity with the guys that embody the Boston community, the hip hop community, and Beats, Rhymes and Life. Come out celebrate, support and network!

Tune in next Thursday 5:30-7:30 for another Beats, Rhymes and Life with our special guest Oak Lonetree!

“Itty Bitty” Video Released!

28 Jun

My favorite song, “Itty Bitty”, by Kris-Jin ft Harrison, now has a video! When they perform this track live with their band Feed The Tiger, it’s truly magic!

Be sure to be on the lookout for their album this summer!

Boston Makes Me Proud

23 Jun

Boston was so live last night at our fourth artist showcase over at Good Life. We had a surprise performance by Rosie Cakez and the Ferocious Treats and a visit by our boy Lapaixx all the way from NY to see what all the talk was about.

We had many people from the scene come and vibe with us, shouts to: Fran-P, Greyscale, Retrospeck, and Brain Trust for coming through.

We also got most of the artists, if not all, to bless the mic on the second cypher that went down last night. Cats went in on the cypher and the energy that was flowing through the room was incredible. Be on the lookout for visuals of last night from Big Byrd the Boss!

Peep the newly released video “Freshest” by Pause ft. O.T.O, directed by Dante Luna, that came out yesterday, which they also performed last night.

We have Boycott Blues on our show tomorrow, an artist that is NOT to be slept on. He performed at our last artist showcase, and is definitely one of the best artists Boston has to offer. His last album, Irony and Bonus Disc R.I.P City Mixtape, caught a lot of attention from the media including Hip Hop DX, the Boston Phoenix and more. The album features Consequence and Insight and the mixtape was hosted by Clinton Sparks.

We are also giving away tickets on the show to the Mr. Lif & Moe Pope show at Church Boston this Friday! Be sure to tune in to Beats, Rhymes and Life on UNregularradio.com from 5:30-7:30 for a chance to win.

Phone Calls & Surprise Guests at BRL

17 Jun

Last night’s show was crazy, just how we like it on Beats, Rhymes and Life. After a week of great events- The Akrobatik Benefit Show, The Brown Bag Allstars, The Boston Phoenix Music Poll Awards– we took it to the station with some great local cats.

Big Byrd the Boss came and kicked it with us after releasing a video of our interview with Dante Luna in studio. We had a lot to discuss off air with him about a future visual plan, a plan that will hopefully be put into play this summer. Be on the lookout for that and get excited!


We got to catch up with YC The Cinic, one of our NY cats, about “Fall FWD” and what he’s up to now. If you haven’t listened to his album, make sure to take a listen, you’ll thank him later.

We got an exclusive interview with the guys from Parker Clothing, who are also the cats behind New Bike Clothing. Tune into the podcast to learn how they got started and their inspiration behind the designs of Parker.

We ended our show on a dope note with Charmingly Ghetto who spit one of his tracks live for us. Not only is he a dope MC but he’s also a great performer. The Queen Bee’s got to see him live at Church a while back with Retrospeck, who opened for the Brown Bag Allstars on Tuesday night. Scope Urban Apparel was in the building, at Church, along with Green Street Vault, a super unique business where the best urban clothing is brought to you: swag.

Big shout out to Moe Pope and Rain for winning Best Hip Hop in Boston at the Awards show on Wednesday night. Moe Pope and Quills put on such a dope performance that night, and they performed the exclusive track the did on our show. Our girl Anastasia took some iLL photos, I’ll be sure to link to them for visuals if you happened to miss out.

So what did we learn last night from Beats, Rhymes and Life?

Lube is only necessary if you aren’t thorough. Save your money by doing your job right.

Uncle Jesse‘s are real.

And if you don’t know, we only fuck with the illest. Now you know.

Next week tune in 5:30-7:30 with our special guest Boycott Blues, a REALLY dope MC that you don’t want to sleep on.

Xo JayDee

Scope Urban Apparel Shows Us Love

7 Jun

We at Beats, Rhymes and Life recognize real when we see it and the Scope Urban Apparel crew are one of the realest in Boston. From their line to the crew, we love ’em all. I recently brought O.T.O and Catch Wreck on to The Boston Local Music Show at UNregular Radio last Thursday since Mr. Crespo asked me to be his guest co-host for the day. Scope was also there to represent and later that night at our third “Beats, Rhymes and Life Presents:” at Good Life. They also supplied your girl with a Bat Scope tee that I’m really diggin’.
As if we didn’t already love them enough, our boy Jake wrote up a lil sumfin sumfin about myself and my ladies on their blog. Much love to our Scope crew, a brand that is more than just a pretty face. Get hip!

One Big Room, Full of Bad Bitches.

6 Jun

This was the inspiration to our discussion on last week’s Beats, Rhymes and Life about Basic Bitches. The ladies of BRL are so down with Kreayshawn and her swagged out ways. Don’t sleep!




Beats, Rhymes and Life: bringing it back to print!

30 May

The ladies of Beats, Rhymes and Life

What’s really good my hip hop heads?? We are headed into summer 2011 with so much potential, a lot of great events planned and hopefully more expansion for Beats, Rhymes and Life.

I started my career in the hip hop scene with this very blog which was a great avenue for me to get into radio. Next month marks our 8 months at UNregular Radio and I couldn’t be more happy with where we are and who we’ve worked with and plan to work with in the future.

The last time I blogged I talked about hiring an intern who instantly turned into my co-host. Rosie Cakez is a poet and singer, creating a deep following in Boston with her music and performances, and a swagged out, energetic approach to the radio show.

A few months after Cakez joined, we brought DJ Leah V on to spin during the show, creating another element of hip hop that we didn’t have. A fun fact: Leah V was nominated last year for DJ of the Year at the Boston Music Awards aka she is really dope. You can catch Leah V at An Tua Nua, with Beats, Rhymes and Life, for Science Faction on Sunday nights, the last Friday of every month at Good Life for Milk & Honey (the best dance party Boston has to offer, trust me), and every second and last Tuesday of the month at Zu Zu’s in Cambridge.

You can also catch Beats, Rhymes and Life at Good Life every last Tuesday of the month for our artist showcase.

Stay updated on the ladies of Beats, Rhymes and Life and our artists! We are the revolution.

Beats, Rhymes and Life goes on air!

7 Sep

Good morning my lovely hip hop headz! I have some great news- yours truly, Miss Jay Dee, has been offered an online radio show by UNregular Radio!! Currently, I’m looking for sponsorship to get my show up and going to support the station and myself. Once that is all set and figured out then I’m officially on air. I’m so excited to be able to be talking to an audience about hip hop, and broadcasting MY choice of music to listeners. Most likely my show will air on Thursday nights, any time between 4:30 and 7:30, depending on what works best. Catch it at the end of work, or at your crib while you’re getting fresh to go out and start your weekend early.

You’ll be hearing a lot of news and updates about my sponsors and they’ll be featured on the show, on the blog, and other social media outlets that I have.

Stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated about the show! Until then, keep reading 🙂

And listen to this spoken word by Wale, he’s so talented:

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