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Boston Makes Me Proud

23 Jun

Boston was so live last night at our fourth artist showcase over at Good Life. We had a surprise performance by Rosie Cakez and the Ferocious Treats and a visit by our boy Lapaixx all the way from NY to see what all the talk was about.

We had many people from the scene come and vibe with us, shouts to: Fran-P, Greyscale, Retrospeck, and Brain Trust for coming through.

We also got most of the artists, if not all, to bless the mic on the second cypher that went down last night. Cats went in on the cypher and the energy that was flowing through the room was incredible. Be on the lookout for visuals of last night from Big Byrd the Boss!

Peep the newly released video “Freshest” by Pause ft. O.T.O, directed by Dante Luna, that came out yesterday, which they also performed last night.

We have Boycott Blues on our show tomorrow, an artist that is NOT to be slept on. He performed at our last artist showcase, and is definitely one of the best artists Boston has to offer. His last album, Irony and Bonus Disc R.I.P City Mixtape, caught a lot of attention from the media including Hip Hop DX, the Boston Phoenix and more. The album features Consequence and Insight and the mixtape was hosted by Clinton Sparks.

We are also giving away tickets on the show to the Mr. Lif & Moe Pope show at Church Boston this Friday! Be sure to tune in to Beats, Rhymes and Life on UNregularradio.com from 5:30-7:30 for a chance to win.


Scope Urban Apparel Shows Us Love

7 Jun

We at Beats, Rhymes and Life recognize real when we see it and the Scope Urban Apparel crew are one of the realest in Boston. From their line to the crew, we love ’em all. I recently brought O.T.O and Catch Wreck on to The Boston Local Music Show at UNregular Radio last Thursday since Mr. Crespo asked me to be his guest co-host for the day. Scope was also there to represent and later that night at our third “Beats, Rhymes and Life Presents:” at Good Life. They also supplied your girl with a Bat Scope tee that I’m really diggin’.
As if we didn’t already love them enough, our boy Jake wrote up a lil sumfin sumfin about myself and my ladies on their blog. Much love to our Scope crew, a brand that is more than just a pretty face. Get hip!

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