Behind the Scenes: Miss JayDee

Miss JayDee, also known as Jillian Ducharme, was born and raised in Massachusetts and currently resides in Boston. She recently graduated from Emerson College with a degree in print journalism with a range of knowledge in marketing and public relations.

Growing up she was involved in numerous activities from dance to sports and above all- music. Since an early age, she was influenced by her older brothers and more importantly their taste in music. The younger of the two, Anthony, was heavily into Hip Hop and Rap, while writing and rapping himself,  and passed his love down to her.

Throughout high school she pursued her writing career, writing for a well known local newspaper, The Lowell Sun, and was the Features Editor for her high school newspaper, The Bridge.

At Emerson, she wrote for em Magazine and interned at northshore and OceanHome magazine. While at school, she shared a dorm with her now close friend, Nikea Wortham, a lifetime hip hop head. During their time together at Emerson, Nikea inspired J to further her love of hip hop.

Since then, Miss JayDee has further educated herself on hip hop and has fully emerged herself in the music. She has not only created Beats, Rhymes and Life but started her own hip hop show on UNregular Radio and is currently connecting to local artists among the Boston scene.

Her goal is to become a main figure in creating a solid hip hop scene in Boston and featuring and promoting local artists.

Welcome to Beats, Rhymes and Life.


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