Drake Concert A Disappointment

29 Oct

I went to the Drake concert at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Ma on Tuesday night excited to see an artist I’ve been following for about three years now. Unfortunately, I was let down.
Drake performed a majority of his collabs, which always is a bit awkward on stage because the song ends up being far shorter due to only one artist being present. Although Tyga from Young Money opened for him with the song “Dueces” ft Chris Brown, he also was there to help perform the partial version of “Bed Rock”.
Now that Drake is putting out more R&B than Hip Hop, it only makes sense that I went to a R&B concert, rather than a Hip Hop concert that I was promised. Drake was backed by a band, which isn’t a bad look, but even his faster songs, like “Over” were slowed down. One song he did perform that is extremely famous at the moment, and in my opinion played out, was Fancy. Sadly, it was about one of the only songs that had me dancing, which is by far the most disappointing. And surprisingly, he didn’t play “Best I Ever Had” which was the song that REALLY put Drake on the map as far as the commercial audience.
The show was put on by UMass Lowell, which brought a lot of college kids, minors, and wanna be’s to the show- aka the crowd was WACK. I can’t really expect too much at this point since Drake is loved by the masses. However, it did make me appreciate underground hip hop/shows and their venues because you’re able to vibe with the crowd due to the simple fact the crowd is made up of loyal hip hop fans who appreciate the art, rather than the commercial appeal.
At the end of the show Drake used his famous, “You can thank me later” line. It really should have been, “When can I pay you back later?”
In other Drake news, he has pushed aside his R&B album. My question is, what was your last album then?


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