She’s backkkkk….

14 Sep

With the release of her album, Classic, Rah Digga is back in the game after 10 long years. I’m glad she came back when she did, at a time when the biggest female rapper around is the furthest thing away from a TRUE lyricist. Rah Digga opens up about her newest album:

“Less than 24 hours away to the big one. I’m not sure if it’s even registered yet that I have an album dropping. Still pretty surreal to me. I really wanna thank everyone who has supported me through this long journey. All of my closest friends who have had to listen to me in utter disbelief tell them repeatedly that I am an editor now and had no intentions of releasing an album. Who would’ve thought? It has been an adventure to say the least, but an adventure that I will always cherish.

A lot has transpired in 10 years and it would have been really easy to just throw in the towel and say, ‘I don’t even know where to begin.’ I mean there are soooo many stories I could have told and perhaps I may be a lil’ guilty of not diggin’ deep enough into my soul to share those experiences with you on this album (hence the diaries). [Laughs] This was something that I made a point to do on Everything Is A Story (hence the name) [Laughs] and it is unfortunate that I couldn’t share that body of work with you. But that was then and with all the evolution that has transpired in music I felt it was important to set the tone lyrically first, sort of a reintroduction for those that may have just forgotten how Rah Digga gets down on the mic. I left little room for inflections on this album and really took it back to that little girl who beat the streets feverishly to let the world know that I am a hard rock emcee and always have been. With only 10 songs on the album that means I have the daunting task of coming right back with another one. Have no fear…it will not be another 10 years.

I’ve been asked to share with you my thoughts on the importance of writing your own rhymes. It is a slogan I’ve been campaigning from the beginning of my career and I’ll leave you with this: Who can tell your story better than you?”

I love me some Rah Digga, girl is the realest!


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