Beyond the music

8 Sep

While working on his next mixtape, local artist B-E-Z has been delivering powerful poetry. Luckily I’ve been chosen to read his work and like many of his readers I’m completely impressed by his talent. Check out this poem, “If Our Bodies Could Play Music.”

I turn you on and I plug myself into you. Your mouth is my headphones, and I want to listen to your breathing and even if you were screaming, I still consider it music to my ears.

I choose a song and press play…

An original piece I love to listen to, kissing you while I slip in you. A melody of breaths in sync with each other makes a tune I could vibe to. Feeling the beat of the drum in your chest makes me feel alive boo. All of this while I’m inside you, I’d do anything for the place in between your thighs to be the haven I confide to…

…I had to fast forward and switch it up…

I love the way you orchestrate my breathing with your movements and how you make me feel like you’re playing the piano on my chest with your fingertips. Your hair brushing against my face as you close your eyes tightly and slightly slide me in between your hips, and both your set of lips open and play a song called “Give Me More…”

…I love that song, but fades and slowly eases into the next…

This is my favorite, its more aggressive and its impressive how excessive your movements are when your grooving while I’m using these beats to throw at you. You seem to throw them back at me, asking me if I wanted to finish it, wishing it wouldn’t end with a simple list for us to listen to. But I’m here missing you and your expressions when you sing gospel…”Oh God…Oh God…” so odd when I can’t see you sing, but I love the song none the less…

…I can feel the tempo rising…

I start to see the music notes appear on your skin and I skim through each bar not knowing how to read it, but like braille, I feel it and I move where it tells me and I hear you sing a song so sweet, I wonder why you would conceal it. I guess I had to hit that right “G-Note” to make you open up and reveal it…

With the song ending, playing a song that no one will ever know.

I gotta take a cold shower after reading that, it’s just too hot. Gotta give it to the man though, he knows how to get a woman with words. And that, my hip hop headz, is talent.


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