Room for improvement

11 Aug

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve blogged and it’s mainly because I am an adult- working for the man (in a job I hate), paying bills and going to bed a decent hour Monday-Friday. However, this is my passion and I need to stay on my grind because this is what I want for the rest of my life. As an artist, more than not you have to work double time- a job to pay the bills and work on your particular art form in your spare time. It definitely can be hard because after work 6am-2pm, I’m toast.

Now that I’m done giving all the excuses I thought of I’m going to be real. I got lazy. Fortunately, I work in a place where I meet a lot of different, talented and successful people who constantly are inspiring and motivating me. I met one person in particular who is my age and has the passion for his field as I do mine and it made me crave writing and music all over again. I don’t want to be lazy, but after the daily grind it can be hard to find that motivation inside. I think it was a sign for me to kick my ass in gear and to continue on the promise that I wouldn’t fall in a rut.

Shout out to my new friend, Nick Navarro, who was inspiring, exciting and hopefully someone I will be able to work with in the future!

As for now, I have to go and continue on my “fancy” tendencies, as Drake would say, and get my nails done 😉 I will be back to post about all things hip hop, I promise. Until then, listen to this:


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