Boston Hip Hop Unity Fest IV

18 May

I was at the Hip Hop Unity Fest on Saturday night and it was such a great time for Boston and hip hop. Put on by the infamous Edo G., it featured so many local artists and all of them encouraging unity and the support of local underground hip hop. What an uplifting night of the local scene and the hope that we will be putting Boston on the map with some of these amazing artists. I would love to be part of getting a show like that together and helping to expose local artists. There’s so much to be said about the underground scene, so many talented artists who don’t get the play they deserve. However, that’s where I want to come in. I really want to help the scene and get people on the map. That’s my goal, and I plan on pushing for it.

Jay Electronica was the headliner and he put on such a great show. There were people on the stage with him that weren’t even part of his crew. People were just climbing on up dancing with him, each other and having an overall good time. It truly was a night of unity, and I really loved that artists were talking that up. In hip hop, violence is so prevalent and glamorized, that it was a nice change of pace to hear artists speaking out about how hip hop is what brings us all together despite all of our differences. So it’s time to put those aside and come together peacefully through music.

A blog I follow, 2dopeboyz, featured a few videos from the night.

I love this video, from TeLisaD. Dude is crazy with is pants falling down, but he has so much love for J. Dilla, who my name, MissJayDee is dedicated to because we both have the same initials and of course he was and always will be one of the illest kats in the game.

Shout out to the late and great Guru from fellow Gangstarr member, Jeru Da Damaja. I love when he says, “I want ya’ll to make noise like Michael Jackson was in China for the first time.”

Also, shout out to JtheS and Millyz, two artists who performed at the Fest, for getting at me and following me on Twitter. There will be more to come about these two artists!


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