“You’ll be like mmm this is scrumptious, I love this, Ju$tice does it right, yea he knows what to come with…”

14 May

Straight  from the artist himself, Ju$tice is a local artist from Lowell, Ma that is not to be slept on. With an incredible flow, rhymes that are beyond catchy and the ability to freestyle with style and grace, Ju$tice has more talent than most artists underground and commercial combined.

I discovered J when he performed at an open mic night at BU a few months back. I was really impressed with his performance and excited that he was from my hometown. After he passed me his mixtape, “My Life is Good Music: Volume 1“, I’ve been hooked.

What I dig about J is that his sound isn’t like other artists. When Asher Roth came out, a lot of people couldn’t get past the fact that he sounds so similar to Eminem. When it comes to J, you can’t fully compare him to any artists because he’s so versatile. His sound has a smooth, raspiness to it, that flows so well over club beats like on “There He Go” and “Addicted Freestyle”. His other tracks have less of a club feel, and give off the essential hip hop feel- tight rhymes over a beat that keeps you bumpin’.

A common theme throughout his mixtape is his confidence, which shines through his music. He knows it, and by the third track, you will too.

A few highlights from the mixtape:

“Work Freestyle”

His first track introduces you to his insane flow.

“Music is my bitch/and Ima be with her forever”

“Rap’s not dead she’s just sleepin/but I’ll betcha/ she will wake up out of a dream/if I caress her/It’s kinda like a puzzle/and I’m just piecin’ it together/I’ve been doing it for so long/It’s easier than ever”

This track introduces his confidence, his flow and is such a great start to an incredible mixtape.

“Everything Would B Alright”

This song is so emotional on a Tupac level that just gives you the chills. On this track J talks to the people in his life that have past and the rough patches he’s gone through and how he’s still on his grind.

“And I don’t mean that I made it to lots of money/or labeled a lot of hunnies/ just sayin’ im not as bummy/as I once was/now people bump me in their rides/bad luck all the time/I’m lucky I’m alive”

“and it’s hard when you ain’t got nobody to confide in/when you’re life starts to get ugly/and the skies open up/feelin’ tired like junkies when they high/of my own boys/ just tryna duck me over dimes/and the girls I know/just wanna fuck me cuz I rhyme/feels like ain’t nobody gon’ love me till I die/they say they see my pain/it must be in my eyes/like my mother/I’m hopin’ the sun begin to shine”

I love this song for the mere fact that any listener will be able to feel his emotion through his words, which is what hip hop is about, telling stories through music. This song alone justifies him as a true hip hop artist, an artist who can go beyond rhyming about money, clothes, cars and weed.

“Boston Girls”

This song IS a hit single, no doubt. J talks about different girls that he’s had, kind of like Jay-Z’s “girls, girls, girls”. The song is so catchy and upbeat, and since it reps Boston girls this track has so much potential. This needs to be put on to the radio, cuz it’ll blow EVERY other single out of the water.

“Had to slow it down/so the flow don’t lose you”

“even though it seems like/ her Louis bag is her life/classy n’ nice/ but when i’m tappin it right/she be scratching me like/an alley cat in a fight/she a down ass chick/who will go out to the market/get me food to eat/if I just tell her that i’m starving/she got credit cards and a brand new apartment/and if you think you can buy it/your ass is retarded”

“Beantown, we gettin it on tonight/Hennessy warm/and the Patron on the ice/money is a bitch/that i’m tryna call my wife/had to throw it in/cuz I thought it was sorta tight”

“Addicted Freestyle”

This song is seriously ILL. Most definitely the hottest track on the mixtape, Ju$tice KILLS IT. I  could easily quote the entire track because it’s so fresh. His flow is insane and the rhymes- BANANAS. He has some pretty hilarious lines as well, dude just gets it in every time.

I really can’t say enough about this track, other than the fact I can’t help but put it on repeat.

“Yea you better get with the program/I got fat bars like Roseanne”

“But critics say I’m not quite what I advertise/well get a blindfold/or listen to me with your eyes closed/if you don’t like it cuz I’m white/bitch I know”

“You got a sister?/then Ima ask what up wit her too/and then I might slide up in your boo/and have her wit one hand on the shaft/while the other’s cuppin the jewels/so man ease up/before she gets deez/and you’ll be like deez what?/and I’ll be like deeeeez nuts”

“This that smooth shit you fuck your girl to/and I’m so in her mind/It’s like I fucked your girl too/so I ease up for a minute/then I speed up/and by the end of the track man/the whole beat’s fucked”

“Hustla’s Dream”

J keeps it smooth while getting grimey on this track keeping it about the money.

“fuck the world/I will fuck the girl/ that you call your baby/not alone/ I will call your phone/while I’m on your lady”

“The game’s a bitch/but shit I wanna be deep inside/but I’m playa/I’m bout my paper/can’t even lie”

“I’m tryna be up in the garden doing shows/and I’ll never stop the hustle/cuz I’m all about the dough”


This track is a little bit different from the others because J slows it down and shows us his softer side for the girls “who ain’t the type to fuck you on the first night.” I especially dig this track because it’s a story about him meeting a girl that actually has him kind of nervous and he’s trying not to overtalk his game, whereas in his other songs, he doesn’t even have to try and impress these girls. Once again, J brings it back to the days of Tupac and Biggie just like he promised in “Addicted Freestyle”.

“I ain’t tryna come at you/like ‘whattup bitch’/use my rhymes/in tellin you I’m Ju$tice”

“cuz you look too fine to be a used ride/and when you speakin your  mind/you make me lose mine/ ma you’re more than a 10/you’re like my shoe size/so the first time we do it/lets do it two times”

Those are some of the highlights of his mixtape, but I highly recommend grabbing that to get a feel for his entire style. You can download and listen to it for FREE here.

He also just put out some new leaked tracks off his upcoming mixtape that you can get here. The track “Never Had Direction” on Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh” beat is so hot. Be sure to check those out!

I saw J perform at Blue Shamrock in Lowell and once again I was blown away. Not only is he a great artist, but he can give a great performance as well. Check out the pictures on the side of my blog to peep some pics from that night.

He also opened for EPMD on May 5th and unfortunately I only caught the last two songs, but once again, he killed it. He got to give an a cappella before he was done for the night and it was so legit.. the crowd loved it.

Stay tuned for an interview with Ju$tice and more shows and updates on his music. There’s something to be said about him and if I haven’t said it yet, then I’ll be saying it soon enough. Follow him on facebook and get up on this dude!


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