Where my girls at?!?

1 Apr

After checking up on the latest on my Facebook, I noticed one of my “friends” became a fan of Nicki Minaj, the female rapper of the group “Young Money”. Now, let me get things straight, I’m all for female power and us ladies steppin’ it up and gettin’ it. However, I believe you do that through TALENT. I know sex sells, but when your sex ain’t selling anymore, what do you have left? It sure is NOT talent. Anyway, I’ve never really dug any of her work, from the little that I’ve heard. This video right here, just proves my point.

“These bitches so cranky/give ’em a hanky/ but mama i’m cold/gimme my blanky” … really??

“You know I keep a bad bitch/let me seen your boobs/I’m the only thing hoppin’/ like a kangaroo/ like the only thing poppin’/like a can of brew.” … what??

So, let me get this straight. You’re rapping about… blankies & kangaroos?!? It’s just really disappointing to see this girl get so big off of terrible lyrics. However, the BIGGEST question here is, WHY are you people buying into it?!? Damn, I’m really just confused. Also, is it just me or is she trying to sound like a mix between Lil Wayne and a robot? This girl just can’t win me over. Nor should she be winning ANYONE over.


I went to a local open mic at Boston University that was DOPE. A lot of really talented people showed up for spoken word and other performances. I definitely want to shout out an artist from my hometown, Lowell, Mass.!, Justice. Check him out, he’s definitely got something good going on. My favorite song on his Myspace is definitely his No Benz, Beamer or Bentley freestyle. Unlike Ms. Minaj, Justice isn’t all over the place rhyming about this and that. He’s definitely got a clear message, a legit flow and his rhymes are ON POINT.

Well, there’s my lil update for now. I’m four weeks away from graduating from college, which doesn’t even seem real, but I’m so ready to get my grind on in the hip hop biz. Keep reading, leave me comments, hit me up, do what you do!

And, as always, I’ll let you in on what’s gracing my ears. The mixtape AZ vs. Jay-Z is currently on my iTunes, and so far I’m diggin’ it. You can grab it here.

Stay up my peoplez!


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