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7 Mar

Hello my hip hop fiendz!

I’m currently listening to XXL’s “10 Freshmen for ’10” mixtape by DJ Whoo Kid and I’m diggin a few artists on here. I was recently introduced to J.Cole’s mixtape, “The Warm Up” which is HOT. One song that I can see as a single, all my girls would dig it, is “Get Away”.

OK, Back on track- J.Cole’s track, “Who’s World Is This”, is FIRE. Quoted my boy on the title- had to shout him out real quick because he’s just too good to not be giving props to. His flow is smooth over a soft beat where dabbles in a bit of singing that makes this track even more catchy.

“G-D Up” by Wiz Khalifa, isn’t half bad. The track talks mostly about poppin’ bottles, smoking weed, and of course, being G’d up. Some of his lines are catchy, “Walk inside the bank/bitch I’m Ben Frank friendly” “big cake piled on my plate/ shit endless/throw it in her face/ watch the bitch make wishes” “Rose and Patron/ Kush be my cologne/ shorty get to keep her weed/them joints already rolled.” The track isn’t bad, but it’s no different than a lot of other stuff out there. Wiz has potential, lets see something different to get more of a handle.

“Angel’s Freestyle” by Pill is impressive for a freestyle. “Full off of life/cash is like an entree/cristal bottles/you niggas is sippin’ andre.” “Cheeks all rosey/Her makeup is mess-a-mara” LOVE that line. This dude is creative and quick with his words and just flows so smoothly like it’s no big thing. I definitely want to hear something other than a freestyle from this dude… it’s probably bananas.

“Thinkin’ Bout You” by Donnis isn’t very impressive. His bars are short and lack creativity, which makes the song messy. The title, “Thinkin’ Bout You” doesn’t seem very relevant to what he’s rapping about, not sure what that’s all about. He sarcastically? sings for a line and it’s terrible, joking or not. Donnis- extend your bars and get a flow that isn’t so predictable.

“Youz A Hoe” by Freddie Gibbs is… interesting. Good flow, stays on point with the title, and his rhymes aren’t half bad. Basically he’s just spitting about girls who can be treated well, or treated like a hoe. Definitely not my favorite track on the mixtape, but it’s not bad for what it is.His track “Born To Roll” is about… wait for it…. marijuana. It’s a quick track, which seems to be the case for most good tracks, but it has a good beat and he’s quick with his rhymes. I like it better than his previous track.

“Old Skool Chevy” by Jay Rock is legit. I love when an artist sticks to what the song is about rather than rapping about this and that because it rhymes. Jay Rock does just that, just going nuts on the track about his Chevy and it makes me wanna pop it in my Honda Fit, leaned back…

…kidding. But if i had a bad ass ride, I’d be SERIOUSLY blasting this joint.I still might.

Big Sean’s “4 My People” did nothing for me. It’s not terrible, but it’s not something that I foresee getting a lot of plays in my iTunes. I feel like he repeats his words too much… “….models/… bottles/… bottles/… models”.  The track is real monotone… lets act like we’re kinda excited for this mixtape Big Sean.

“When They Talk About Me” by Nipsey Hussle could be a single for sure. It’s real catchy, and I can his hook lyrics popping up on my newsfeed. His flow is fast and his rhymes are pretty legit.

“I Need To Know” by Fashawn produced by Needlz has a feel of 21 questions by 50 cent, expect a bit more lyrically challenging. Another catchy track on this mixtape and I feel like Fashawn definitely has potential in the game with his style.

I guess there was a song by OJ Da Juiceman but I didn’t get it on my download. He’s not on my up and coming list, so I’m not that sad.

Overall, J.Cole has just validated my feelings on how good he is, and XXL did a pretty good job choosing their freshmen. Hopefully, a few of them get up and prove me wrong, but we’ll see if they can differentiate themselves from everyone else in the game. Otherwise, GET THIS MIXTAPE ASAP.


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